Futydose: Three Reasons Why Ronaldo Is Far From Finished

Well, technically Cristiano Ronaldo has given us three reasons already today by scoring three goals in Portugal’s World Cup opener! But let’s have a look at the three major reasons why Ronaldo’s critics need to keep quiet and admire this genius player.

1) Big Stage Performer

Portugal were not given much of a chance against Spain. Experts believed the playing eleven was too inexperienced. Expextations from Ronaldo were fairly limited considering the strength of the opponents. But he delivered on the big stage – and how! A World Cup hat trick against Spain is a rare phenomena, let alone against defenders of the calibre of Ramos and Pique. The respective Barca and Real captains could not do much to stop Ronaldo – and that is a big statement in itself. Portugal might not have won the match, but Ronaldo has certainly proved that he is a big match player. Rivalries do not come much bigger than Portugal vs Spain. And he conquered it!

2) Supreme Fitness

For a 33 year old who was written off very recently, Ronaldo has managed to maintain supreme fitness levels. This is all down to his work ethic and training regime. And this showed against Spain. He was dominating the best defenders in the world and that is no mean feat. He might not be the quickest in the world but he made up for it using his skills. All those who witnessed his goals will realize that fitness had a key role to play in them, along with his undoubted skills.

3) Bouncebackability

Rewind a few months to the beginning of the year. Real Madrid were struggling in La Liga. Ronaldo was badly out of form. Even Iago Aspas was far ahead of him in the scoring charts – ask Liverpool fans what an insult that is! But Ronaldo has managed to turn things around – and how! Real have won their third successive Champions League – led by some great goals by Ronaldo, he has just scored a wonderful hat trick in his country’s World Cup opener, and he is now a real contender for the Ballon D’Or again! Now that is what you call bouncebackability!

To sum up, he might be 33, but he still has amazing ability and determination to be the best. Messi fans might not agree with this, but Ronaldo has proved yet again that he is as good as Messi, if not better!

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