Futydose: Three Reasons Why Neymar Is Still Nowhere Near Being Messi’s Heir

Over the last few years, there have been numerous articles published in the media about Neymar. Most of these have been pointing towards Neymar being the heir apparent to Lionel Messi as the best player in the world. He was also touted as the natural successor to Messi at Barcelona, although that has been ruled out due to his mega move to Paris Saint Germain. But time and again, Neymar has been letting everyone down – his fans, pundits, his coaches, and most of all himself. With Brazil now knocked out of the tournament which they were universal favourites for, Neymar needs to take a good look at himself. So here are three reasons why Neymar is still nowhere close to being Messi’s successor.

1) Torrid Temperament

One thing which all of us agree on is Neymar’s peculiar antics on the pitch. He is someone who believes in maximizing any foul that is made on him. He dives and rolls around on the pitch a bit too often. If he focuses more on his game and on showing the right skills, he might get somewhere. At the moment, he seems to be an immature player who doesn’t have his priorities straight. He has not evolved into the player we all thought he would be. Comparisons with Messi came too early in his career and he has fallen well short. Although he still has plenty of time to turn it around, he needs to get his act together.

2) Flaccid Under Pressure

Neymar has never managed to quite convince anyone when the pressure has been on him. On the grandest stage in the world cup, we hardly saw him work wonders. The goals he scored were mostly a result of the hard work of his team mates. The only headlines that Neymar managed to grab were about his diving skills rather than his dribbling skills. And this is what needs to change. Neymar needs to understand that unless he performs on the pitch, reputations can be lost fairly quickly. It’s not necessary to win the world cup in the future to be considered amongst the best, but at least he needs to perform as an individual.

3) Off The Field Circus

Time and again, Neymar has come out as a player who is more interested in off-the-field stuff rather than showcasing his skills on the pitch. His protracted transfer to PSG was a good example. Various sources implied that the move had to do with money rather than anything else. And after such a short stint at PSG, rumour has it that he again wants a move to Real Madrid. These things only add to the fact that Neymar is focused on the big bucks rather than the big goals. This world cup was the perfect stage for Neymar to dominate world football headlines for the right reasons, but he has dived away from this opportunity!

To sum up, Neymar has not lived up to the expectations of his fans and he needs to buckle up. The only impressive record he has right now is the number of goals scored for his national team. But this is not sufficient for him to be considered as the best in the world. With the emergence of other wonderful players like Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane and Eden Hazard, Neymar might just lose his grip on the title of being the third best player in the world behind demi-gods Messi and Ronaldo.

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