Futydose: Three Reasons Why Liverpool Will Be Title Contenders This Season

When Manchester City’s Leroy Sane was asked about his biggest threat this season, he mentioned Chelsea. He did not name Liverpool as a threat, even though the reds have been progressing under Jurgen Klopp. Even though they do not have a trophy to show for it yet, Liverpool have played well in recent months. They were the team that ended City’s record unbeaten run last season with a 4-3 win and the signs are that they can challenge City’s supremacy again this year. They have adressed the major weaknesses in the squad in the the transfer market and now seem like true challengers. So here are three reasons why Liverpool can challenge city in the race for PL 2018/19:

1) King Keita

Last season, one of Liverpool’s biggest issues was the fact that they did not have a pass master in midfield. Let’s face it, Emre Can and Jordan Henderson are good players, but they ain’t no Iniesta. However, Liverpool did well to plan things in advance and seal the deal for Naby Keita last yeae only. As per the clause, Keita has joined Liverpool before the start of this season and what a massive difference he will make. Emre Can has departed and Keita seems to be a massive upgrade on the German. While playing for RB Leipzig, Keita showed his command over midfield time and again – a trait that is much needed for Liverpool to compete with the likes of Man City and Chelsea.

2) Allison Arrival

One of the biggest problems for Liverpool in recent seasons has been the lack of a reliable keeper. We all know what Karius did in the Champions League Final and Liverpool fans have almost been rioting for a change in personnel since! They never had faith in Simon Mignolet and Karius’ mistakes made things worse. So when the deal to buy Allison Becker from Roma was announced, a lot of experts were forced to turn their head, and rightly so. The presence of Allison in goal and Virgil Van Dijk at the back will surely improve their defence and allow them to win more games.

3) Fabulous Fabinho

When the transfer market opened, all the talk was that Monaco midfielder Fabinho will be off to Manchester. He was touted to join either United or City and was seen as a key figure in their ageing midfields. However, from nowhere Liverpool appeared and snatched away the player from the Manchester clubs. Fabinho will add much needed depth to Liverpool’s midfield. Up until last season, their midfield often comprised of Giorginio Wijnaldum and James Milner. Both of them are good players but they won’t win you titles single handedly. Fabinho has that spark to make a difference. He will form a terrific partnership with Keita and opposition midfields need to be wary of these two.

To sum up, Liverpool have been the biggest winners of this transfer market and we will see the results once the actual season starts. Liverpool have already got the biggest weapon in Mo Salah, who can crush any defence with his pace and finishing. Even though they have been saying this for many a year, the upcoming next season might just prove to be their year. And if it happens, the hype around Jurgen Klopp will also be finally vindicated once and for all!

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