Futydose: Three Things We Learned from PL Gameweek 13

Finally, the premier league returned after what seemed like an eternity. This international break seemed way too long and the fans couldn’t wait for the PL to be back. And it was back with a bang! Man City and Liverpool continued their amazing unbeaten runs while Chelsea’s was halted by Tottenham. Arsenal scraped another win as the race for the top six became tight again. So here is a look at the three things we learned from PL Gameweek 13:

1) Liverpool Grit

Watford played very well against Liverpool. They held their own for a majority of the game and at one stage it seemed as if they will snatch a draw at least. But Liverpool are also playing very well and there seems to be an unusual grit about their play this season. They did not give up and in the end managed to win the game easily by three goals.

2) Arsenal Scrape Past Bournemouth

Arsenal were helped by an own goal as they scraped past Bournemouth 2-1. The cherries deserved a point from the game but were a bit unlucky in the end. This win takes Arsenal’s unbeaten run to 17 games and it shows that they are contenders for the top 4 this season. Although they are just outside that, they are increasingly showing that they cannot be taken lightly.

3) Newcastle On A Roll

Three matches ago, Newcastle looked in deep relegation trouble. They were winless since the start of the season and it was hard to see a win coming. Here we are looking at a side which has won three games on the trot now. They are now sitting in a comfortable mid table position! It seems as if they have been rejuvenated and their fans will hope that this continues.

To sum up, this weekend was again an action packed one and showed us that there are a lot of good teams in the premier league. The next weekend is also bound to be exciting since the North London Derby is coming up!

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