Crickdose: Three Things That We Learned From The Fifth Week Of The World Cup

The ICC World Cup has really come to life over the past week. Some interesting results have thrown the tournament wide open. So here are the top three things that we learned from the fifth week of the World Cup:

1) India in Semis

India have booked their place in the semi finals by beating Bangladesh. But it was not an easy win by any means. Bangladesh pushed them all the way and showed how much they have improved. India got back on track with this win after they had been beaten by England in the previous game. India are looking like one of the two best teams in the tournament and have the ability to win it.

2) England Shock

England have had a major mid-tournament slump. This has shocked the cricketing world and made the tournament much more interesting. England have already lost to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Australia. If they do not beat New Zealand today, they are under threat of crashing out of the tournament, which would be a major shock.

3) Pakistan Pattern

Pakistan have followed the script perfectly. Their tournament results have completely been in sync with their 1992 cup winning campaign. However, if England beat New Zealand today, Pakistan’s fairy tale is likely to remain incomplete because they will need to beat Bangladesh by a really huge margin, which is unlikely.

To sum up, the tournament has been a fabulous one and now it is entering its final phase. It is looking like either India or Australia are likely to be the winners, but you never know in cricket. Let’s hope for a great finale.

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