Crickdose: Three Things That We Learned From The Penultimate Week Of The World Cup

The ICC World Cup has entered the knockout stage. This is the business end of the tournament and the qualified teams are close to winning the ultimate prize. So here are the top three things that we learned from the penultimate week of the World Cup:

1) India Crash Out

India were seen as one of the favourites. They were extremely happy when South Africa defeated Australia in the final league game to give them their preferred semi final against New Zealand. However, the Kiwis had other plans. They have beaten India by 18 runs in the semi-final to reach their second final in a row. It is a bit of an upset, but considering New Zealand’s win over India in the warm-up match, they were always likely to be competitive.

2) England Scrape Through

England have just about scraped through to the semi-finals. At one stage, they were looking particularly vulnerable, but they managed to beat India and New Zealand to reach the semis. Now they are up against the mighty Aussies in a fascinating contest. The Aussies are also in great form and will challenge the Englishmen no end.

3) Aussie Grit

Australia may have lost their final league match against South Africa, but it is clear that they mean business. The Aussies have hit the ground running in the tournament, and would love to get one over England. If they can beat England, they will set up a repeat of the 2015 World Cup Final against their neighbours New Zealand.

To sum up, the tournament has been wonderful and has drawn a lot of interest around the world despite the weather interruptions. It will be interesting to see whether we will see a new winner, as England and New Zealand have never won it in their history.

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