Crickdose: Three Things That We Learned From England’s World Cup Win

The ICC World Cup has ended with a bang. It was a remarkable final that was one of the closest games in the history of sport. England managed to scrape through and win the title. So here are the top three things that we learned from England’s World Cup win:

1) Brilliant Ben

Ben Stokes was truly amazing in the final. Whenever it looked like England were on the verge of losing the final, every time Stokes managed to pull them back in. He played a masterful innings with the bat in the tied final, and also played his part in the Super Over, which was also tied. But Stokes proved to be the man of the match as England won on boundary count.

2) England’s Cup

From the moment Ben Stokes survived due to Boult stepping on the boundary, it looked like it was England’s cup. In the last over, they again got a huge slice of luck when they got four overthrows with the ball deflecting off Stokes’ bat. They never looked back and went on to win the tournament. The players were ecstatic with the win, but it appeared as if they were destined to win it.

3) Unlucky NZ

You have to feel for New Zealand and Kane Williamson. They were extremely unlucky to lose out in such a close final. They tied the game as well as the super over, and yet they did not get the trophy. But we all need to stand up and admire the New Zealand team and their skipper, they have played their part in one of the most thrilling finals ever.

To sum up, the tournament has proved to be one of the most successful ever. The final was extremely close and no team deserved to lose. Nevertheless, the rules are the rules, and congratulations to England for winning their first World Cup, just as My Sports Dose had predicted last year!

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