Crickdose: Three Things That We Learned From Zimbabwe’s Suspension

The ICC has suspended Zimbabwe’s cricket board with immediate effect. This also means that the national team cannot play in any matches. Here are the top three things that we learned from Zimbabwe’s suspension:

1) Funds Mismanaged

For a number of years, there have been reports of financial mismanagement in Zimbabwe Cricket. It has been reported that the funds that were being provided by the ICC as well as the sponsors were not being used towards cricket. Also, the government was deemed to be interfering in the operations of the board.

2) Players Suffer

Players have been the biggest losers of this saga. This is because they cannot play for their country anymore. It also has a major impact on their ability to earn. And it is not just about the players, their families are also going to suffer with them. It is really a sad state of affairs. Players like Solomon Mire have already announced their immediate retirement.

3) Drastic Decline

This development marks a drastic decline for Zimbabwe as a cricket-playing nation. Just a few years ago, lofty targets were set by the administrators in the country. They wanted to make cricket the number one sport in the country and wanted to climb up the test rankings. In fact, Zimbabwe did really well at the 1999 World Cup. But those days are history now.

To sum up, the suspension has come as a major blow to Zimbabwe. Their players are shattered and there appears to be no viable solution in sight!

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