Crickdose: Three Things That We Learned From Shakib Al Hasan’s Ban

The biggest story in the cricketing world this week was the ban imposed on Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan. He has been banned due to his failure to report corrupt approaches. So, here are the top three things that we learned from Shakib Al Hasan’s ban:

1) Tighter ACU

In recent years, the ICC has gone the extra mile in order to keep a check on corruption. The Anti-Corruption Unit has spread its wings and now has the ability to nab the suspects. This proved true in this case, as well. The team worked hard to collect information and found that Shakib is guilty of not reporting an approach. A tighter ACU is good for the game.

2) Cricketers Need To Be Aware

All cricketers need to be aware of their responsibilities. In today’s highly connected world, it is hard to get away from your deeds. All players need to be aware of the reporting procedures and should report any approaches at the earliest. This will not only help them in avoiding such bans but will also ensure that the game becomes cleaner.

3) Setting A Precedent

This ban will also set a precedent for the future. It will make sure that others do not find themselves in the same position. If a well-known player like Shakib can be banned from the game, others will also realise the risks of not reporting such approaches.

To sum up, this incident could go a long way in removing corruption from the game. At the same time, this ban will be a major loss for the Bangladesh team and their supporters. They will be hoping that Shakib comes out of this stronger.

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